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Gearbox: what is a MQ or Victory series gearbox?


I have found a source for Audi parts and when talking to this guy (who
has a really bizzare looking backyard which is as big as my tiny
office but still carries a VW Kombi, several Audi engines and a full
sized 5000) he told me that if my auto tranny packs up then just fit
the manual box (which I would do anyway). He then tells me he has a
gearbox called the MQ, which was known as the Victory series box.
Anyone heard of this? I think it is from the early '80s cars. He tells
me it was made for the turbo cars, but even though this guy seems like
a Audi-lover I don't think he is as clued up as some of the people on
this list. So I'm researching this box before doing anything.

What is this MQ manual box? Is it very good? What were the ratios?
Is it hard to find (the guy says it is)? What about the Victory Series,
what is it?

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