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Re: Strut prices


I'm also in need of some new shocks (surprise surprise) and have made
up my mind on getting the Gabriel GasRyder shocks and struts. A friend
uses them in his Golf CTi (not GTi, but CTi - it's a South African
thing :) ) and says the ride is much harder than stock, but the things
last long and handle well. I'm just curious to see how they will do
on the 200t.

Anyway, I shopped around in Cape Town and got prices for these things
from $160 to $330 for exactly the same shocks. I actually called the
same place twice and got 2 different quotes differing by $25 for the
set of 4 shocks and struts. I went to the place to get the 2nd quote
and met the guy who works for Gabriel, next time I go down to the Cape
I will get hold of him and he will pull the shocks from the racks
for me and charge me near cost price. So I'm looking at about $100
for my set of 4 Gabriel GasRyders, perhaps even less. Armstrong
(Monroe) also make an off-car adjustable strut, but it is still the
oil-based thing and not gas.

I think the GasRyder is probably Gabriel's best shock in this country.
They sure are cheaper than the Bilstein (something like 4:1 in pricing)
and seem to give a good performance. I'd put on the gas ones if I'm
going to drop the suspension as I plan to in the future.

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