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RE: K26 turbo onto MC with K24...what will happen?

Unless you make other mods like a bigger cam, better exhaust, etc, there
will be no real benefits in going to the stock K26 turbo, and, even then, only at
high RPM, if at all. You will also greatly reduce torque, power and throttle response
at typical street RPM by going from the K24 to the K26. Off-boost to on-boost
transition will suffer greatly and you will likely get no boost at all till like 3000 RPM.
Also, there is no direct relationship between the turbo size and the mechanical
compression ratio, relative to CR you could use either, no problem.

I switched from the K26 to the K24 and the K24 is totally superior at all RPM and
street-usage conditions, up to the maximum boost level of 15-17 PSI that I have
tested with. IMFO, switching from the K24 to the K26 is a downgrade and should
be avoided.

Just one BTDT opinion and I *know* others will have different opinions,