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Re: Heater???

That Delco piece of &%^#$ is a real pain in the tucas.  I finally got
sick of it and did my own thing -- replacing most of it on my '86
Quattro with three choke cables which give me full control of which
vents the air goes to and what the temp of the air is -- regardless of
the vent.  The three choke cables go to the three levers on the heater
box (one to the left under the dash, one to the right undewr the dash,
and one on the top right -- accessable under the hood and then under the
cover at the base of the windsheild).

I use the Delco thing to adjust the blower to be "high" or "low" and to
"auto" to adjust high/low on it's own.  It seems to perform that
function just fine (no gears in the Delco thing to wear out).  If you
opt to do this, be sure to keep the vacuum lines which controlled the
levers sealed (guess that goes without saying).  On my dash, I found
that a good installation for the choke cables was where the ABS,
Defrost, Seat Warmer, and Blank switches are (replacing three of the
blank switches) bolting support arms for the choke cables to the metal
supports for the Delco thing, radio, etc.  I did have to drill a couple
of holes in the metal supports.

Todd Joseph