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re: battery under rear seat

You wrote:
<<Orin, you've hit the nail on the head. Contrary to the opening
remark above (from ???), I've never known Audis to eat batteries,
but rather, that batteries eat Audis! Every Audi I've bought that
had the battery under the rear seat (all my 100LSs and now the 5k).
Each time, the car's previous owner replaced the battery either
with one that lacked a proper vented connection, or had it but
did not connect it (the 5k). Plus, they had installed the battery
in te 5k without the plastic + terminal shield. Somebody sat
down in the rear seat, seat shorts + terminal to ground and Boom!

This resulted in quite a bit of battery acid leaking onto the 

The shop put in a new battery for my 200q before purchase.  I recently checked
it for fluid level, and found that they had crunched the vent with the hold
down.  I fixed this, and at the same time added a "battery mat' that is
supposed to absorb battery acid and neutralize it, should it leak.  For $5,
cheap insurance.  Again, make sure you use the positive shield before

Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com