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Switching from the k24 to the k26 on the dual knock motor

I am assuming the car sold in South Africa is the same as the one I have, if not, your results could be completely diff.

My experieces have been exactly the opposite of glen's.  I went from the little k24 [stock] to a k26/27 hybrid.  I found the k24 to serve perfectly the purpose Audi had in putting it on the car---nil turbo lag, made the stock turbo 5 motor feel like a nice NA V6 or small [very small:) block V8].  Power progression was quite good up to around 4k and then, well, nothing.

With the new turbo [at the time I also added 2 piece manifold, did a little head work, everything else remains the same right now] there is some lag down low, but I honestly do not *sense* a power loss, only gains, throughout the rpm range up to near redline.  Once you cross that 3000 mark, it is just a completely different car now.  This is how the car should have come from the factory.  Also, glen suggested that you would not feel a diff unless you changed the cam?  Be very careful throwing away the stock cam in the dual knock motor.  There may be a better one out there Shrick?, but this is one of the better cams manufactured by Audi.  I much prefer it to the old turbo cam.  

Btw, I am running an IA box for now, so, I don't know if my suggestions will help you all that much if you are pure stock.  Frankly, if I wanted to go through the trouble of changing the turbo again, I would certainly have someone that knows what they are doing look at that used k26 before you slap it on.  My k24 had a *bunch* of play in it, don't know if I would expect anything different from a high mile k26.  Have you done anything in the way of an aftermarket ECU in your car?  That would probably [well, it was] be my first stop.  Probably see more smiles than just jumping up in turbo size when everything is stock.  I am happy with the IA box, although I am probably going to look around for more once my other mods are on and I have some baseline.