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Re: Re: synthetics (truncated)

John Graham <jgraham1@erols.com> wrote:

>Sargent Schutt wrote:

>> 'John Graham' wrote:
>>>Great the dirt  or varnish is on the engine not in the oil.  Thats some go 
>>>oil your useing. It plugs up things fast.
>> I've been told by many mechanics that Valvoline 20w-50 Racing (dino) is good
>> oil. According to my dealer, Hoehn Audi, it is what VAG specs for our cars. I
>> change it at 3k mile intervals. So it would seem to be good oil, and good
>> practice. It has taken about 20k miles to go from consumption (under synth) 
>>back to almost no consumption.

>Let me get this right  Your useing non detergent racing oil for street use.And 
>this is what your dealer said to use. :-P

During the '60s both Oilzum and Valvoline racing oils were detergent.  I expect 
that Valvoline racing oil still is.  My experience is that changing oil every 
3000 mi. or after each race, whichever comes first, will keep the engine (in 
this case a turbo corvair) free of crud, with negligible varnish.

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