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Re: CPA Motorcars

Sitting at the center of the communications web for socal
q heads for several years, I have heard quite a few tales.
I have also seen many very pretty cars purchased there.
Not all have had tales to tell, just enough to steer me, or 
anyone who asks away.  If you WANT to buy an east coast car, that
has been meticulously detailed, to look like a west coast car,
pay full freight, and get zip for service afterwards, go for it!
Just don't think that you have some right to have things put
right after the sale with your new CPA car.  Because once the
check is in hand, your a second class nuissance.

Personally, If I was looking for a late model audi looker,
I would go searching through nocal classifieds, find a 
west coast private seller, and jump in the car a go take a look,
but some people don't have the time or patience for that approach.

paul timmerman