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Re: UrQ RC car wanted

 # Ah, geez. Audi parts are so tough to find, now even the model UrQs have
 # become valuable. I won't be selling mine, though: My 16 yr old brother
 # found it at a yard sale. Black urQ, HB tobacco sponsorship stickers. Don't
 # have the controller. Working headlights! Maker (no kidding, the only word
 # stamped on the underside: Ecstasy) Probably German-made, owing to the
 # tobacco theme (never on a US toy!) and the "schnell/langsam" on the speed
 # control switch. Such oddities...
 # Was this one like the one you remember?
... no, it turns out that Radio Shaft actually had a proportional RC 
2WD model of the Audi quattro turbo coupe.  I got mine as a gift.  It
is cool, but nowhere near as quick as my RC-10!

I am intrigued about your model though.  The only other RC urq model I
was aware of was made by Tamiya ... but I've never seen one.  I'm thinking 
that the stickers are made to replicate a particular car, so simply because
it has cigarette labels doesn't mean it was made in Europe ... but the 
fast/slow in German sure seems to ...

Any chance you could get some photos scanned in so that we can check it out?

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)