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Re: RE: Switching from the k24 to the k26 on the dual knockmotor

Glen, I tried to put as many disclaimers in as possible:)

I think if you have a setup that is similar to the guy that was asking,
your post is more what he can expect than mine.  There certainly
is nothing wrong with the k24 on the dual knock.  Worked extremely 
well.  I just want a little more, and clearly the turbo was holding me


>>> glen powell <gpowell@acacianet.com> 01/08/98 02:00PM >>>

That's not a fair comparison! I would expect very different results with a
hybrid turbo combined with the other excellent mods that you made at
the same time. The stock K26 is ancient technology.....

With the K24 on the KUQEFH it pulls like krazy to redline and beyond.
I do plan to test a hybrid sometime soon, and based on what I hear here,
I bet it will outperform the K24. However, based on a direct swap of the 
K26 to a K24 on ur-qs, the K24 is by far the better performer, even on
the track, as was the best single upgrade I had done on the ur-q up till
the KUQEFH complete engine upgrade. Others here that use their ur-qs
on the street as well as on the track can confirm this.