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RE: Who needs them? I'd rather downshift! (93 90CS brakes)

OUCH! You've been "Dealered"!
But seriously I can buy them at a local (to the Seattle Area) store
called Autosport Imports (206)878-5230 for around 50.00 USD each. Mail
order places like Imparts(www.imparts.com) or possibly German Parts and
Restoration (www.gprparts.com) should be able to get them to you for
around 50.00 usd.
chris perry

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>From:	Elliott Potter [SMTP:epotter@abraxis.com]
>Sent:	Thursday, January 08, 1998 11:32 AM
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>Subject:	Who needs them?  I'd rather downshift! (93 90CS brakes)
>Just stopped off at my friendly Audi dealer to pick up pads/rotors/etc
>for the job.
>First off, they won't sell the tool for screwing in the rear pistons,
>3272.  Does anyone know who sells this?
>Oh yea, also they're charging over $150 EACH for rear rotors and over
>$200 EACH for the fronts.  ("OK, pads and rotors front and back, that
>will be $830."  "Gasp wheeze gasp choke... huh?")
>Looks like I'll be calling around a bit now!  Yecch!