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RE: oil usage

David Eaton decided to speak these words:

>i assume that you mean 5k miles?  i change oil at the 12 month rate due
>to lack of miles on both cars.  the result is that the oil in my audi's
>is "thinner" i'm sure.  a good hard run, followed by a top-up seems to
>be enough to keep 'em happy.
>both cars seem to use mobil 1 at about the same rate. 1 litre every
>2-3,000 km's. after frequent early conversations about this sort of
>thing with my earlier cars, i have absolutley no concerns about this
>usage. i was told by an audi (germany) mechanic that the 20v heads will
>promote more oil usage due to the oil feed design/ valve seals etc - the
>owners manual talks about 1 litre every 1,000km being 'normal'.

On my 4kQ, there is little oil usage at all.  I use mobil 1 synth, and 
maybe, just maybe i will have to top it up 1 quart by the time i have 
gone 5000 miles.  That is at the most....So, as far as i can tell, my car 
likes synth, and i am keeping it that way...

Michael Sheridan Williams

My new one: 1985 4000 S Quattro
172,000+ miles, and going like a new car

1985 Coupe GT(for sale, cheap, $1000)
163,000+ miles