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RE: Replacing rotors.

>"My 1982 Audi 80CD 5S had them.  A single countersunk PoziDrive screw on
>rotor, just to stop it turning when you replaced the wheel.
>I sheared one off using an impact driver to loosen it.  Drilling out the 
>remnants and re-tapping the hole was my first engineering job on an Audi."
>Snap on my 85 80 sport, having just replaced the front discs prior to
>it. The impact driver I tried in order to remove this screw defeated all 
>attempts to get it working, in the end I used a through shaft screw driver
>gave it a few "taps" with a hammer, this resulted in the screw coming out
>easily, I was impressed.
>I was thinking whilst completing the job if it would make much difference if 
>you left em off completely? The retaining screws that is, not the discs
>anyone makes rude comments about Audi brakes.

I wondered what that extra hole was for on my 5E!  I dont think it will
affect braking performance (mine's fine after new discs and pads), just
stop the things rotating when trying to replace a wheel which is very


Mike Walder.

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