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Bentley manuals 37% off, today only.

I tried to order the Bentley manual yesterday from Amazon.  For some 
reason they were closed.  Today they're back, and they're offering 
another 10% off as an "apology".  It's good for today 'til midnight 
PST.  It's 10% off the discounted price, so it's actually 37% off, but 
still...  if anyone's interested, now's the time to get them.  Regular 
shipping is $3.95, so if you can get the $169.99 manuals for less than 
$111.01, don't tell me: I already ordered mine.

But wait, there's a special URL...  I hope it'll work for you.  I 
entered my address yesterday on their "we'll email you when we're back 
up" page, and I don't really know whether the extra discount applies 
just to people who did that.  But it might be worth a try.


Have a party :)

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