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RE: FS 82 Audi Coupe

Date: Tue, 06 Jan 1998 15:16:19 -0500
From: Huw Powell <human@nh.ultranet.com>
Subject: Re: FS 82 Audi Coupe

Some crazy dude wrote:

> "5 cyl., 5 spd, s/roof, p/windows, p/locks. Toyo tires on alloys. many

> new parts. 1800cnd obo phone 902-466-2287"
> How 'bout you Huw, want another one?

Huw wrote:


What color is it though?

Well Huw, it's dark blue, has worn gray interior, mostly driver's seat
as you might guess.  Everything works except the cassette deck and the
heated seats.  My, my, what a surprise.  What really impressed me was
that the heater fan works!

I talked to **** who own's the beast, the engine was rebuilt from the
bottom up at 215,000 km (I can verify this as I know the person he said
did it).  Now has 225,000 on it.  Rebuilt starter installed last week.
Buddy's parents bought him a ......gulp.....89 Colt Turbo......at
Christmastime....wooooo....I'm starting to feel dizzy.  He didn't want
to sell the Audi.....but heeeeey...life's like that.  There's even a
parts car that can be had for tiny $!

So here's the deal Huw, you send me the money (I figure $1000US), I buy
the car and the parts car, borrow a tow bar from a buddy, drive the
whole collection on down to you, stay at your house, drink all your
beer, catch the red-eye back the next day!  Whaddaya think?  (I have to
take the tow bar back....do you think they would notice a tow bar under
the seat on the red-eye flight?  Would it fit?  Boggles the mind don't


P.S.  Another option, you send me the $, I buy a return ticket, stay at
your house, drink all your beer, piss off all your friends, and then
disappear!  Oh...I forgot to mention, this baby needs a new front fender
cause it's been patched with......something.  Looks sort of like.....you
know...that fibre glass stuff. Sorry for the bandwidth, but at least I
don't have the GD HTML option selected.  Oh my, that could be a flame.
But then again, it's way down at the bottom here so it might go