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Re: VW Transmision ? (no Audi content)

There are obvious differences in the appearance and shape of the
4 and 5-speed boxes.  The 5-speed, if I remember correctly, has 
a longer "tailshaft" housing.  This means it sticks out further to the
left of the car.  I would say it is an adjustment problem.  The main
shift rod is clamped by a bolt at the end, something like an old one
piece muffler clamp.  Loosen here and rotate the rod.  I would
do in the following order:

Put trans. in reverse.
Loosen clamp.
mover shift lever to the left side of it's rang of motion.
Tighten clamp.
Should find 5th gear now.

Let me know.

Paul Anderson: Private email AndersonPaul@juno.com
On Thu, 8 Jan 1998 15:17:24 EST Sonar465 <Sonar465@aol.com> writes:
>I have a question for all you.  A friend of mine just put a used 
>in his '84 GTI.  On the side of the transmision in yellow greese 
>pencil it
>said 1980 Scricco.  Did a 1980 Sciracco come with a 5 speed?  The case 
>exactly like the blown tranny that came out of the GTI but he says 
>that he can
>not "find" 5th gear.  Reverse is extremely easy to "find", seemingly 
>in the
>place where 1st would be.  Could this just be a linkage proublem?