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Re: UrQ FTCU ground on the intake - What the #@$%.

   > I contemplated popping the CPU off and replacing it with one of 
   > Motorola's HK05 variants (which tend to come with everything but
   > the kitchen sink...), lotsa free outputs (inc serial lines to drive
   > LCD displays!!!) . . .

   'HC11 please.  You wouldn't like translating to an '05.

Oops, you're right, it's the HC16 that's the 16-bit, while the HC11
is the MC6802-compatible instruction set (what the heck was the HK05
then???).  Boy, go off the meds for just a little while, look what

   Why serial for LCD?  You can wire them directly to the address/data bus if
   you are running at 1MHz, just pick an unused address to gate
   the E clock to the LCD.  Or if you want it remote, one 8-bit latch
   is all you need.  (Assuming you are talking about the 1/2 line
   dot-matrix LCDs that are around $10 in just about any electronics
   surplus store.)

Serial is trivial to think about, and readily implementable (don't have
to worry [much] about "long" wire runs, injecting noise into the bus,
and the like. I'm not opposed to something better.

   My current project (after I finish the Duty Cycle and O2 meters) is
   an Audi turbo data collection/logging box which will drive such an
   LCD... ignition timing, duty cycles, pre/post intercooler temperatures
   and G-Tech pro like accelerometer based timings.

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