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Re: VW Transmision ? (no Audi content)

The 80 Sheizrocket had a 5-speed. If the cases looked the same
externally, then the replacement is a 5-speed as well. The ends of the
cases, drivers's side, are different between the two.

However, the ratios are drastically different. The GTi had a nice, tight
close-ratio 5-speed, whereas the Sciroccos had a wide-spacing econo

If you want to be sure, email me the transmission code (stamped on a
flat, raised part on the outside, front, bottom side if the bellhousing
where the clutch and flywheel is) and I'll look it up in my Bentleys.

Did he use all the original shift rods from the car? Since you indicated
that reverse is "extremely" easy to find and that 5th is not, it sounds
like your shift linkage rod is out of adjustment. Adjusting it is a
fairly straight-forward affair, best done with a friend, the car up on
jackstands (or at least with the front end on ramps, as you'll have to
get underneath) and two 13-mm combo wrenches. If you don't have a
Bentley you might want to see of you can borrow one; the pictures are
really worth the 1000 words. While you're at it, you will be surprised
at the results you will get if you put in new shift rod bushings,
available as a kit for about $10.

Email me for details.

Greg Amy
(with an original-owned souped-up 1984 Rabbit GTi, as a second car,

You Wrote:

I have a question for all you.  A friend of mine just put a used
in his '84 GTI.  On the side of the transmision in yellow greese pencil
said 1980 Scricco.  Did a 1980 Sciracco come with a 5 speed?  The case
exactly like the blown tranny that came out of the GTI but he says that
he can
not "find" 5th gear.  Reverse is extremely easy to "find", seemingly in
place where 1st would be.  Could this just be a linkage proublem?