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E-brake Cable/200q/update

Hi folks,
    It looks like the easiest way to replace the E-brake cable is to remove
the Driveshaft. From a glance, it looks like I *may* be able to squeeze a
adjustable/flexi wrench around it but that might be more of PIA than it's
worth. Dealer labor quote is 3 hours. 
    A fella E-mailed me with a price quote for $22.. but I'm not even ready
to purchase the cables yet. I've got to (a) figure out how to do it, (b)
Find the time to do it -preferably when the techs are actually in the shop
for consultation purposes- and (c) finally, buy the part. 

I'm gonna try to get the procedure from a service manual in the Audi shop,
but it's probably on microfiche by now. Either way, I'm gonna consult the
head Audi Tech before I start the procedure. In the meanwhile, no E/brake.
I had to put the Q up on the lift today to release it. (sigh).

Sheesh.. I really pissed off the Audi Gods by going to work for a Chrysler

Osman Parvez
Albany, NY
89 200q, TAP Chip, 170K