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Re: synthetics (changeover consumption)

Sargent Schutt wrote:

> John Graham wrote:
> > Let me get this right  Your useing non detergent racing oil for street use.And this is
> > what your dealer said to use. :-P
> Consensus is Valvoline 20w-50 is good oil to run. You're the only one to suggest otherwise,
> yet offer no proof why.

Most oil makers say don't use raceing oil for street use because it's non detergent.If you take
the time to look at there web site you will see they say it's detergent but
it will not meet all API OR SAE use.

They also make snake oil with a teflon additive like slick 50.
Now that would make me wonder about there raceing oil.

> > > If my motor is consuming a quart every 3-4k miles, but has no external leaks
> > > and runs at normal operating temps, where has that oil gone? Is there a black
> > > hole in my oil pan? There's some good sci-fi.
> >
> > No, in you piston rings or valve seals.
> >
> Right. Synth allows that leakage by removing old deposits. Does synth eventually build up
> deposits of its own to replace the dino deposits it removed? Or does the car continue to
> consume synth forever after at the immediate post-changeoverrate?

The one reason anyone uses synthetic oil is not to build up deposits.And any  one that uses
synthetic oil in an engine thats due a rebuild, well you get what you get.

> > > Back to the head smacking. How do you NOT have *INCREASED* wear with looser
> > > (way beyond spec) tolerances, particularly in the valve train, but also in the
> > > rings/walls and crank dept? Is synth magic?? I know of no physics which
> > > explain how higher, out of spec tolerances lend themselves to decreased wear
> > > thereafter.  No matter what type oil you use. Smack your head a few times.
> > > Maybe it'll come to you.
> >
> > No, smack yours and learn to read
> That's how you learned to read?? No wonder you're having such trouble. Sadly it
> seems to have impacted your writing skills as well. My condolences.

The only trouble here is some one putitng synthetic oil in an engine thats due a valaeor ring

> Anyway, the question I'd really like an answer to is this: In cases where changing over to
> synth on high mileage motors leads to oil consumption once the synth is installed, does that
> consumption eventually dissipate to pre-changeover levels - e.g. does synth, after removing
> the old deposits, build up its own deposits (varnish, if you will) to 'fill in the gaps'?
> Anyone know the answer to this?
> Regards,
> Sarge
> 91 200q, 168k miles
> 86 5ktq, 128k miles

1990 CQ