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OIL for my Audi.

I got a 85' 4kqcs with about 85k miles on it.  I have only had this car for
about 4 months and it is time to change the oil.
What brand or type of oil do I use?  How about oil filters?
Any preferances?  I do know to stay away from Penzoil.
How about a year round weight?  I live in Iowa where the temps can be about
10 - 20 degrees F in the winter and 60 - 80 degrees in the Summer.

The car runs pretty good.  It starts really hard when it is cold.  I am
thinking that the injectors may need to be cleaned or replaced.  Or is there
a cold start injector that can be adjusted or replaced.  The Chiltons says
nothing about the cold start injector.


Cory Meyer
Red 85' Audi 4kqcs