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Well, the 200Q is back from the doctor with a new tranny and clutch in
place. Differences:
1) clutch is much easier to depress
2) tranny shifts much smoother
4) I got a little performance increase due to the decreased weight (driver's

Thanks again to lister Phil Rose for being so kind as to total his 200 so I
could get the tranny.

Garage Review:
All work was done at Auto Bon in Cambridge, MA. Peter SomethingSomthing owns
the place and has a 1990 200 himself. He was VERY kind and took alot of time
talking on the phone about the car and dealing with trying to find a tranny.
Very hands on with the customers. Although they had the car a long time, it
wasn't really their fault since it was over the holidays and all. Best
part - 10% discount for new customers, given to me without even asking,
which saved me about $100. When I went in to pick up the car, every lift in
the place (4 that I saw) had an Audi on it. I would recommend this place,
especially if you have something expensive to do and you can get the 10%

Rob Winchell
91 200Q (Whooo hoo!)
87 4kCS (back in the driveway for now)