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Re: UrQ FTCU ground on the intake - What the #@$%.

> Who (which chip) handles the A/D on the digital board? Is the
> A/D in the Hitachi CPU, or is it handled by the data I/O chip
> via control from the CPU? If it's the CPU, then this would
> pretty much eliminate the 8051 idea (there are 8051 variants
> with A/D I/O, but I'm not an analog guy, so I don't want to go 
> there).

The AtoD is in the D2808 chip, not the CPU.  This chip also has the
counters that handle the dwell/ignition.

Some of the CPU ports are used as are the CPU timers.  Have
fun with the HD6303 datasheet and an ohmmeter.

> Thoughts?

I'd prefer a Motorola CPU since the CPU bus will match that
of the HD6303...  and you could probably port the MAC11 code
a _lot_ easier than to a completely different architecture.

Well, maybe when I finish the LCD units.