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Re: UrQ FTCU ground on the intake - What the #@$%.


I had a similar experience trouble-shooting a friends
ur-Q........this car had like 4 different problems that
made it cut out......

> Now the car cuts out at various inconvenient times, like
> merging onto the highway, and occasionally backfires if
> recovers quickly. <snip>

One of the problems I found  in that ur-Q was the round
connector pins on the back of the fuse box for the various
devices that get terminal 15  supply (ignition +12V) were
getting toasted. The terminal 15 supply +12V comes into the
fuse box using a small diameter connector pin which is then
distributed inside the fuse box to the various devices,
turn signals, seat belt warning, dash gauges etc and  MOST
importantly the ECU and the ignition coil +12V supply. 

In this case I found the main terminal 15 feed into the
fuse box was slightly toasted along with the two +12V
supply output pins that run to the ECU and Ignition coil.
The car would intermittently lose the ignition while
driving, with the backfire upon re-ignition, the seat belt
warning light would begin to glow just before it crapped
out! It would usually happen when the turn signals were

I would recommend getting the +12V supply to the ECU and
ignition coil OUT of the fuse box, wired directly from the
ignition switch feed, it isn't fused normally anyway.

The other three problems were the wiring to the air temp
sensor, normal overboost fuel pump cutout, , and HV
ignition noise coupling into dist. hall sender
signal......that last one was a bitch to figure out....

Scott Mo.