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Web graphics/scanner question...

In my teenage years, I enjoyed photography as a hobby but haven't done much
with it over the past 15 years or so, other than to take the occasional
snapshot ... however, thanks to my purchase of an Ur-Q and the decision to
put up a web page, that has changed over the past year and I've found myself
slowly but surely being drawn into it again.  (Oh, boy ... yet another
hobby!  Just what I need...)

For convenience sake, I've been shooting print film instead of
transparencies but after finally getting fed up with the crappy quality work
my nearby photo lab performs, I recently switched back.  The results to date
have been encouraging but the quality of the scans I made using a
transparency adapter on my flatbed scanner sucked big-time.  So I decided to
pop for a dedicated film scanner -- these things are anything but cheap!! --
and it has been an educational experience to see just how much of a
difference a good quality scanner can make!

Anyway, the problem I'm having is that no matter what I do, I keep ending up
with crappy quality JPGs of every photo that includes my UrQ ... evidently,
neither Netcape Navigator nor Internet Explorer handle reds all that well
and since my car is BRIGHT red, this is making my life difficult.  Is there
any secret to this?  Everyone I've asked so far simply shrugs their
shoulders and tells me it's the nature of the beast and there isn't much I
can do about it.  Despite the well-known inability of CRTs to handle reds
well, the .TIF files actually look pretty decent ... it's only when I try to
convert them into reasonable size .JPGs that everything goes to hell in a

If anyone has any experience in these matters, I'm all ears -- er, eyes.
Once I get this squared away, I will be putting another 30-40 photos of my
cars up so this query IS Audi-related in a very roundabout way...

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