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re: ground strap

you wrote:
<< (snip)  I noticed that the '85 urQ has such a wire installed as well, as 
did the newer GT Coupe.  The ground wire is a moderate sized braid 
that went from the right front of the valve cover to a spot on the 
body right above the right headlamp.  I've been meaning to do this 
to my car as well.>>

My former '86 4000csq also had this ground strap, as well as one from where
the coil was mounted on the firewall to the cylinder head.  Braided very fine
strand copper; they both stayed intact but corroded very badly and weren't
providing much of a ground.  I replaced them both and had much better luck...
ground straps run a couple bucks each.

I'd also recommend cleaning the grounding points on the other straps, such as
the battery negative to body connection; they corrode over time and build
resistance.  Cheap and easy fix.  While on this subject, has anyone added an
auxiliary ground strap to the alternator from the battery?  I remember that
New Dimentions (VW performance shop) used to sell a "massive overkill" harness
that worked wonders with charging problems on VWs, where the alternator ground
usually consisted of the mounting bracket...

Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com