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'91 100 electricals

Have a '91 100 which has started to exhibit intermittant power to the radio.
Car is non Q, with Bose system. Radio comes and goes with an apparent click
under the dash somewhere (can not pin point location). Any BTDT ideas? Already
fixed electric window drivers side wiring break. Temp gauge is also now dead.
     Will be replacing valve cover gasket on '85 coupe (new struts, lower a-
arm bushings, upper strut bearings, & front end still clunks when turning in
reverse. Any ideas?). What is the sealant of choice for such? Also any
warnings to be aware of for this rather easy looking proceedure?
     I really appreciate the list and all info available here. TIA.

Dennis Graber
91 100
85 CGT
96 LT4 Vette (back-up {fair weather} transportation)
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