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Synths, remove deposits and cause oil use - NOT!

The argument that putting synths in dino-only engines, getting oil
consumption, and blaming it on deposits being removed by the synths just
doesn't wash, at least not in some cases.


1) If that were the only reason then returning to dino oil would not
IMMEDIATELY cure the consumption problem (BTDT - repeatedly).

2) It also would not explain why synths would show consumption in an engine
with a rebuilt head (and just fine rings, compression, etc.) that when
switched to dino, again would IMMEDIATELY be cured of consumption troubles

3) If synths removing the deposits (where were these deposits supposed to
be that were PREVENTING consumption anyway?  cylinder walls?  valve
guides?) caused consumption, then these older (dino) engines would show
consumption when the engines were cleaned with other deposit removal

Yes viscousity indexes were the same yadda, yadda, yadda

Valve guide seal incompatability is what I am thinking of...

As far as deposits are concerned, I've seen more combusiton chamber and
valve deposits WITH synths than with dino (on engines that burned some oil)
and vice versa for the rest of the engine - so which deposits do you want?

THINK ABOUT IT!  Synths main selling point is ability to resist THERMAL
BREAKDOWN.  That means they don't change chemical and molecular makeup when
the sh*t hits the frying pan (so to speak).  That's positively wonderful
for bearings and wear surfaces (like turbos eh!) in a hot engine.  It sucks
for the combusion chamber 'cause the stuff isn't going to burn and blow out
the exhaust, its just gonna get sticky and hang around (deposits).


If your engine doesn't consume synth then fine, use it.  If it consumes it,
then I say get it out of there because you are going to have worse piston
and valve deposits than with dino.  Of course if you are using some sort of
"snake oil" to remove the (valve and piston) deposits (Techron?  MMO?) then
you're fine either way but that doesn't mean that the engine isn't forming
deposits (synth or dino) just that you are removing them by other means.
If one type of oil causes consumption and switching to another cures it
then I am going to use the oil that doesn't cause consumption - why the
heck wouldn't I?

Perhaps someone else said it best though, use what works for you, maybe use
whats been in the motor historicaly.  Me, I'll be using dino in the motor
and synths in the gearcases thank you very much.


Flame suit on...


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