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V8 Oil Consumption

Well, at 30K miles it was 1 Liter per 2500 Miles.
At 100K it was 1 Liter per 1500 Miles
At 170K it is 1 Liter per 800 miles.
Could it be valve guides? Rings?.
There is no smoke out the back, so I really do not know.
Passes emissions test with colors (new plugs though were needed).

George Karcher of Auto Motor un Sport/Car UK fame said his A8
used 1 Liter per 1000 Kilometers when new. Audi said it was within
I know of several V8 owners that have no consumption between Oil
and 1 owner that takes a liter per two tanks of petrol.
I dunno.
Paul Rivera
90 V8 (for a week more)