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Re: CPA Motorcars

At 09:27 AM 1/8/98 -0800, Paul Timmerman wrote in part:

>Just don't think that you have some right to have things put
>right after the sale with your new CPA car.  Because once the
>check is in hand, your a second class nuissance.

Good point if true, Paul. How I fare in Bob's hands will be reported here
on the list, probably a couple of weeks hence. Meanwhile, an undercarriage
inspection revealed essentially no corrosion (except for the exhaust
system, of course) so I'm not particularly concerned about the car coming
from the right-hand coast (comments, right coasters?).

As to your well-taken advice for one to exercise patience and pore over the
local classifieds at length to find one's automotive desiderata, I agree.
Unfortunately, months of poring have yielded approximately 0.000 '89 TQ
Avants. Perhaps I read the wrong classifieds and maybe the South Bay
Recycler is the wrong advertising rag. I really don't know. What I do know
is that my patience expired and *suddenly* there was this Tornado
(Toronado?) Red beauty in front of me. As I swooned, the phrase "sales
resistance" deserted my vocabulary.  Dare I ask forgiveness? Alas, the
weakness of the flesh!