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Xenons & S6's

I am going to have to be the voice of dissension here, and not because I 
know this for sure or not, but only because mine own two eyes have seen 
conflicting proof. Also I have heard that no US production cars had HID's 
pre '96, so I hope some of you can prove me wrong because I want my next car 
to be a black / black 95.5 S6 with xenon lights!

I am cc'ing this post to the audi-s-cars list in an attempt to see if anyone 
there knows for sure.

However there is a very late (build & delivery date) 95.5 S6 Avant at First 
Class Imports in Boulder that does not have xenon lights (first thing I 
looked for). Also, I'm looking at a 95.5 sedan in Boulder tomorrow (black / 
black, 40,000 miles, $37,000) and to the best of the current owners 
knowledge it does not have xenons either, although she is calling Prestige 
to see if they know.

So does anyone know if North American '95.5 S6's came with H.I.D. Xenon 
headlights as standard equipment, or as an option, or only after a certain 
build date?

Also for my edification, when the cars do come with the Xenon's is it only 
for the low beams?

Two things:

1) If anyone could provide me with the info that details the differences 
between the 95 & 95.5 S6's I would really appreciate it.

2) If anyone wants more info on the cars for sale, let me know.

                    '93 S4

Date: Thu, 08 Jan 1998 17:03:09 -0500
From: HaleyD@YANKELOVICH.COM (Haley, Doug)
Subject: H.I.D. xenon headlamps

>I have definately seen an S4/6 about 2 years ago in my town with the
>H.I.D. headlights. No, they werent the coated bulbs that look like it.
>They were the real thing. I called the Audi dealer around here and he said=

>that that option never was available (as far as he knew). The parts guy
>had no listing for hid bulbs, either. Was the option ever available? Is it=


Steve, the last of the S6's the so-called 1995.5's which were sold new in
1996 had the Xenon lights.  I've got an S4 which I wanted to upgrade.
Turns out that it's a super-expensive upgrade, requires new alternator
new wiring, special ballasts for lights and the light assemblies themselves=

run over $3200.  I passed (put Hella XL's on the bumper, for now).  I'll go=

with the standard Euro lights when I get the chance.  But I still salivate
every time I see the S6's with Xenons.  BTW, you can recognize the
1995.5's by the headrests in the rear seats.