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What radios will plug and play in 92 100S???

I am trying to find a replacement for my dying OE Gamma (non Bose) radio-tape
player in a 92 100S. The dealer says maybe 6 months wait for a
"remanufactured" replacement at about $100. I need my music (Reggae and
Classical) and cannot wait 6 months. I have been offered a variety of OE
pullouts (owners had upgraded etc) ranging from Deltas, Weisbands, Bose (with
Gamma label on the chassis) etc... Any stereo experts out there who can tell
me what will work, what won't and what is the best unit to buy of those being
offered? I want something that will just plug and play with no wiring changes
etc...  My system is totally stock OE with amplified rear speakers. To me (not
an audiophile) it sounded pretty good when it was working.  Thanks much for
any advice.