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RE: RE:_RE:_Switching_from_the_k24_to_the_k26_on_the_dual_knock motor

Hi Bruce!

I am safe..... I had the stock ur-q cam re-ground -- so there's no goin' back!


I do have lotsah 1/4 mile ET and trap speed data and I will test again with the
new KUQEFH and will be able to at least look at some very accurate before & after 
performance benchmarking data..... 

<Frankly glen, I think you owe it to the list to find out what advantage comes with each piece put on the car.  With what we pay <you?  So, go home from work today and switch that cam [giving you the easy job first, 'cause I'm nice].

I  _am_ home from work, we're experiencing an intense ice storm here in NH, USA and we
have no AC. It went out Wed night, came back on Thu around 1000H, went off again Wed
around 1500H, back on around 1700H, and went out again Thu night and is still out......it's
now 1300H Friday and still waitin'.... I'm typin' here on a battery-backup laptop.....


<Then, report your findings.  Please dyno each result, because we
<don't know, short of a state affidavit, how your butt is calibrated, if at all.

<Hop to it man!  Time is a wastin'  

>Hope you are learning by doing the job twice, my friend.