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Re: Digital dash conversion

 On Fri, 9 Jan 1998 11:43:26 you asked:

> Will a digital dash board plug into a car that came with analog dash?

No.  The harness is entirely different.

> If not, how extensive are the mods to get this to work properly??

You need the dash harness, dimmer switch, trip computer switch, photocell,
instrument cluster, speedo pickup for the transmission from an '86 or early
'87 non 130hp Coupe GT with the digital dash.  The later Coupe GT has
different rad. fan and A/C wiring (Its also a better choice for an ur q, if
anyone else is as nuts as I am).  So, if you can gut an '86 Coupe GT like I
did, it is possible.  You may be able to cut and splice, but that would
probably be more work.

> Also, if the digital dash board goes out is there any way to get it

Yes, if I still have parts then.

> And last but not least what color is the digital dash?

'86s are red, '87s are orange.  Or is it the other way around...?

> Is trip computer available on it?

Yup,  built right in.

Steve Eiche
'82 Not So Ur q