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WANTED: Antenna for '85 Coupe GT

Looking for a good antenna for my Coupe GT.  Of course my current one is
broken (chrome collapsible type).  I've seen a Coupe with a stock
collapsible one only black, which is what I would love to have.  And of
course any antenna has to have the connection for the amplified antenna

Would prefer used, but I am getting tired of the broken one ;)  Or any
other alternative ideas I would be willing to entertain.  I've already
looked at Fuba antennas, none of them look like they will fit without
major mods.

If it wasn't for the spare being in the way, I would have already
installed a 4000 power antenna from the local junkyard.  They've got a
ton of those.


Barry J. McCabe
'85 Coupe GT with shorter than usual antenna ;)