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major ice storm NH, USA

Actually, I did go out quattroing about, but there are soooo many loooow hanging tree
limbs that you can't really get up any speed between them!


glen powell wrote:

> I  _am_ home from work, we're experiencing an intense ice storm here in NH, USA and we
> have no AC. It went out Wed night, came back on Thu around 1000H, went off again Wed
> around 1500H, back on around 1700H, and went out again Thu night and is still out......it's
> now 1300H Friday and still waitin'.... I'm typin' here on a battery-backup laptop.....

Now here is a guy who has gotten a little too attached to the Q-list!

He's got the opportune time to be out playing in his quattro with the
studded tires, and he's inside on the box.  <grin>



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