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Midwinter madness

UK Club 'area meetings' are a bit like planets - every now and then they move 
into conjunction.  A few months back, Roger Galvin and I noticed that two 
meetings were on the same night - so we went to both!
When the December/January newsletter came out, however, we noticed that there 
were THREE meetings on the same night - yesterday, 8 January 1998.

The only problem was that they were 226.2 miles apart, started at 19:30, and 
the pubs are only only open until 23:00 ...

Well - what else is a quattro for?  The evening started at the Area I meeting 
at the Frampton Arms at Moreton, just outside Dorcester in Dorset - right on 
the south coast. The publican owns a J-plate (1992?) 20V ur-quattro.  Two hours 
saw us to the Area K meeting at the Robin Hood at Bucklers Holt near Brackley 
- where we transacted a little business, diagnosed a problem, had a little 
chat, laughed at Paul Beaurain, had a pint and used the washrooms. Fifty-one 
minutes later we were in Hickling, just south of Nottingham, for a friendly 
pint (or two) at the Area E meeting.

It's been done.  It will _NOT_ be done again, at least not by the same crew.

What with going to pick Roger up, journeying to the start, the trip itself, 
taking Roger home, and returning home myself - the total distance travelled was 
610 miles in just over 12 hours.

No problems.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club