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Differences S6 vs 1995.5

Frank Amoroso asked:
>So does anyone know if North American '95.5 S6's came with H.I.D. Xenon
>headlights as standard equipment, or as an option, or only after a certain
>build date?

Frank, Let me start by saying I don't really know the answer to your question.

I drove an S6 with Xenons in February 1996, shortly before I bought my S4.
It was my impression that the Xenons were newly available in cars built in
1996 but called 1995.5 for legal reasons (e.g. OBD-II).  The only other
differences I observed were the EDL switch rather than the console diff
locking swich and the rear headrests.  I think Ed Spire posted that his
"UBERWGN" does have the Xenon's.  (Ed are you still around?)

I think you may find it difficult to get a dfinitive answer. Audi is notorious
for making running changes in their cars without publicising the changes, so 
anything's possible.  For instance, my '92 S4 has a rear anti-roll bar but
most of the '93's did not (yet some did!).  Mine has a wood dash, but the
'93's went to composite, with wood as an option.  Later S6's had different
suspension calibrations (softer).  They may have slipped other changes
in of which I'm unaware.  I do know that the sticker on the new '96 did not
list the Xenons as extra cost options, but rather as standard equipment.
This is just first-person observation.  I don't know how many were equipped
this way or when the changes occurred.  it strikes me that you might be able
to find out by looking at sales literature for consecutive years in Canada.
The S6 in Canada is identical (but for DLR's--ugh!) and I would think any
changes would have occurred at the same time in both markets.

Can any of our Canadian bros. confirm?  I too would like to know the
Doug Haley (haleyd@yankelovich.com)
"There is no fundamental difference between a sufficiently advanced
technology and magic" (A.C.Clarke)
'92 S4 (Alpine & A/D/Sed)
'95 Saab Turbo Conv (Mom's)
'91 Sentra SE-R (Daughters: Bondurant grad!)
'94 Miata (summer fun)