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heater fan trouble-shooting

Beast is a 5kq with ECC.

Symptom: fan became intermittent, would not start when requested (i.e.
hit the defrost button).  No sounds of any bearing noise, fan motor
seemed to work well when it wanted to.  This occurred over a few days
and now it has shut down.

I'm into the dash now, got the centre stripped away, checked the climate
control 'unit', no sign of the aftermath of smoke escaping, contacts
look clean (cleaned them anyway).  Also cleaned the seat heater switches
and rear window defrost switch because I'm there anyway.  Also checked
the vacuum lines for the diff. lock, hey what the h***.

Query:  Is there anything else I should go after while I've got the dash
apart?  Some parts that will  find their way onto the list of fix-its.
Any other nasties that need some TLC?  Perhaps the cabin temp sensor?
The Haynes is absolutely useless in this regard.

Any help appreciated as always.

Next is the outdoor routine if I can't find it here, but it's raining so
that will have to wait.