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Re: E-brake replacement/200q

Steve wrote:
> I have never done the 200q, but I found the project to be quite simple 
> on the urQ.  The cable is held in place using a couple plastic ferrules, 
> and the ends hook onto the caliper and the handbrake mechanism.  Perhaps 
> the toughest thing will be accessing the handbrake mechanism, which is 
> located above the propeller shaft.
> I THINK the 200 might actually turn out to be easier then the urQ as the 
> 200 has two separate cables ... the urQ has one cable that starts at one 
> caliper and ends at the other, with the handbrake mechanism in the
> One think that might come in handy is loosening up the handbrake
> from inside the passenger compartment ...

Well... the Service write says about 3 hours labor, the
Jeep/Chrysler/Plymouth (former Rolls) tech who helped me free the parking
brake so I could drive home last night says it looks like it would take
about an hour.. but since he's never done one, he said that it might add an
additional 45 minutes if he ran into a problem. 

That sounds like 3 hours for ME... once the excitement of working under a
lift wears off. 

Osman Parvez
Albany, NY
89 200q, TAP Chip, 170K