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Re: Lets hear some juicy tidbits...

On Thu, 8 Jan 1998, Dave Head wrote:

> All the talk of new cpu's and data gathering gets me excited all over again.

Dave, you and Gross are both big technogeekheads!

> One of the reasons why this list is so great is that the people here love to
> tinker.


> Graydon seems to have his aftermarket CIS about dialed in, and we haven't
> heard much lately about his custom exhausts.

That's because I've been too busy building the exhausts, and working on 
my own cars...   wait a minute, I haven't worked on my own car, or my 
wife's car for weeks!  :-)

I'm almost to the point of offering a _big_ aftermarket muffler for the 
5000 cars.   I have most of the bugs worked out now, and its just a 
matter of completing some final testing.   I've built a few different 
configurations of mufflers, and they all seem to work well at quietening 
down the turbo motor, while offering _very_ little resistance to flow.   
I'll make that backpressure measurement that Scott Mockry suggested as 
soon as I get my car back on the road.   I now have access to a big 
polishing wheel (and may get it in my own garage next week - that'll be 
even more convenient) so I can do preliminary ss polishing now too.  Oh 
yeah, my lovely wife (she really is great!) bought me a set of torches 
for Christmas!

> Scott J. must have some new turbos begging fer testing, not to mention that

Yeah, _big_ 'uns too!  :-)

Graydon D. Stuckey