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Zenon lights on U.S. S6 (not)

Frank Amoroso asked:

 >So does anyone know if North American '95.5 S6's came with H.I.D. Xenon
 >headlights as standard equipment, or as an option, or only after a certain
 >build date?
To which HaleyD@YANKELOVICH.COM replies, in part:
 I drove an S6 with Xenons in February 1996, shortly before I bought my S4.
 It was my impression that the Xenons were newly available in cars built in
 1996 but called 1995.5 for legal reasons (e.g. OBD-II)
 I think Ed Spire posted that his "UBERWGN" does have the Xenon's.
 I think you may find it difficult to get a dfinitive answer. >>

Definitive answer:  No S6s were imported by Audi of America to the U.S. or
Canadian markets with Xenon headlights.  These lights were available on
European market cars, so it is possible that an industrious (and prosperous)
individual or dealer performed a transplant.  However, on Audis imported
during the life of the S6 in the U.S. and Canada, Xenon lights were never part
of the factory specification (that includes U.S. models through the so-called
1995.5 build and Canadian models through 1997).