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Reconditioning engine/tranny mountings....


My car shakes quite badly on accelleration. I thought it was the
CV joint, but the CV people told me the shake would be quite
different and happen at different times. Other diagnosis indicates
worn engine or tranny  mountings. I looked up the price of the parts
from the Audi agents and was shocked at the $250+ for the 2 mountings
excluding front and back engine bushings and tranny mountings which
take the price to about $450. I spoke the local VW mechanic and he
told me he had the same problem in someone elses 44 car. The engine
mountings are fluid filled, so he sent the guy over to a local shop
where they filled the mountings with proper solid rubber, not fluid.
They mountings were perfect after that.

I'm worried about doing something like this. The process is in effect
the same as fitting the older solid rubber mountings, isn't it? Has
anyone done a job like this? What was the reasoning behind going to
fluid filled mountings instead of using the solid rubber mounts?

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