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Re: Midwinter Madness

Hi Phil,

Yer kindly ol' Unka Bart rather enjoyed the story about your "610 miles in
just over 12 hours." pub crawl.  It could be fairly argued that it was
off-topic, but it coincides with my own interests in "driving experiences,"
which I *personally* find relevant and thus not so.

It could also be fairly observed that admitting the downing of the odd pint
of three in the process could result in knickers getting knotted right and

Or *much* worse.

Not being a judgemental sort of uncle however, I won't say a word about the
obvious folly of that.

On the subject of Bandwith.  I've seen you object to egregious waste of
bandwidth on the odd time or two, and given by the fact that you must pay
by the minute, I've never been surprised that you would do so.  The key
word here being *egregious* such as the resposting of an entire digest, or
resposting a long message merely to add "me too" at the end.

I've seen a lot more egregious waste, such as the mere judgemental opinions
of some listers, to which you've been silent.  No surprise to me, there

In any event, I've seen more useful, helpful information from you than I
have from some others.  (For some strange reason, the phrase
"self-righteous prig" seems to keep buzzing around iin that vast empty void
between my ear-holes.  Maybe time to cut back on the little green
jobbies...  or, mabye to increase 'em...)

Whatever.  Obviously, not all listers share the same opinions.

[And to anyone who is just bursting at the seams to point this out, yes, I
know, in the case of yer kindly ol' Unka Bart, "obviously" is a bit of
understatement.  ...So'z yer old man.]

On a *completely* unrelated note (well, beyond the fact that this, being
unrelated to this list in any form or fashion, is an egregious waste of
bandwidth - for which I am suitably moritified and contrite), it just
ocurred to me that observe that the ability to "judge" others seems often
to be inversely related to the ability to judge oneself.

Curious thing, eh wot...?

That's just a fact of life, and probably the reason that the "D" key was

yer kindly ol' Unka Bart