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Re: heater fan trouble-shooting

Sounds like the problem I had with my blower. I would go over bumps and
stuff and it would work int. Did have a fan for about 4 months (lucky it
was summer). Decided to spray some motor cleaner on the commutator through
the vent hose hole. It started to work, but would die again. I concluded
after a day that the brushes were worn to the point that spring tension on
them was not enough to keep them in contact with the comm. I used a piece
of solid core copper wire to shim the top of the spring in its tower
(you'll know what I mean when you look). Voila! No problems. See, I really
can afford to buy a new or used blower, and I didn't really have the time
to yank the old one. This worked out very well for me. You can only get
one brush without disassembly. If you take the thing apart anyway, try
doing the other side before anthing else. You may be able to save yourself
on a very expensive blower. I suspect that most blowers go out this way.

'84  5ksT 1.6-2.0 bar

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