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1:43 model UrQs from DetailCars

Yes, they're here! The eagerly-awaited UrQ models from DetailCars, and
they're the best UrQ models I've _ever_ seen, with detailing, paint
quality, and overall shape approaching that of expensive handbuilt models.
The models (made in China) depict a 1982 car (with the exception of one
1985 rally car) with quad headlights and orange/red taillights. No opening
features so as not to spoil the lines. They were selling like crazy at the
swapmeet I went to today (Europe's largest, bi-monthly), and quite rightly
so. Let's hope that more model makers are realizing that this is a car
worth modelling (Minichamps have been announcing a 1:43 UrQ for two years
Some interesting features: very lifelike Ronal wheels (Fuchs on the MC
Rally car), separate spoiler and fr/rr wipers (mounted a bit haphazardly on
some of my examples), all lights in the correct colour, 'mirror foil' in
door mirrors, interior mirror, detailed dash. Minor quibble: they've put
the accent on the 'e' in 'Coupe' on the plinth the wrong way (accent grave
instead of accent aigue). I'll see if I can get a couple of pics with my
digital camera.

490	1982 UrQ, road version, Tornado Red (at least, a bit too dark for
Mars Red)
491	1982 UrQ, road version, Diamond Silver met.
492	1982 UrQ, road version, Helios blue met.
493	1985 UrQ, rally version, Mikkola/Hertz, Monte Carlo #5
495	1982 UrQ, rally version, Wittmann, San Remo #7

Prices were between $16 and $25, but were going up as supply could not meet
demand. There was talk of these models being hard to obtain, and indeed
sellers seemed to have only small amounts available.

I also manage to obtain a booklet introducing the 1997 Audi Sport touring
car drivers and the cars themselves. Very nice.
Another addition to my collection is the Minichamps A4q touring car as
driven by B Jones in the Australian championship(?). Interesting to see
that this car doesn't have the netting on the driver's window that's
mandatory here in Europe.

I unfortunately had to pass on a celebratory '97 Touring Car collection,
comprising a huge display case with seven 1:43 Minichamps A4q models of the
cars winning each country's championship. Official Audi merchandise
apparently, and shockingly expensive at $625. Another one I let go with
some pain was a beautiful 1:43 handbuilt 1:43 RS2 Avant, in red or RS Blue,
that cost $195.

I'll be updating my Audi model list, including among others the
abovementioned models, sometime next week. When it's done, I'll post a copy
to the list.


PS No, I have never even _seen_ a Radio Shack R/C UrQ...

 Tom Nas                                          Zeist, The Netherlands
 1988 Audi 80 1.8S, mostly Tizianrot metallic, 215,000km

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