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re: Where is my ISV?

You wrote:<<With all this talk about the ISV, I figured that I might like to
take a

peek at mine, and clean it. Where is it on the 2.2L I-5 engine on my '87

QSW? (The same engine as the 4000q.)

Any tips on how to get it out/off? I guess from what I've read here, I

should just clean it out real well with carb cleaner?>>

Hey Jim,
It's easy to find.  Turn on the key, but don't start the car.  It's the thing
that's buzzing at the end of the cylinder head near the firewall, held on with
a rubber strap.  To clean, disconnect it, reconnect the wire, put a pail under
it to catch the dirty carb cleaner, turn on the key to make it buzz/open and
close, and spray liberally with carb cleaner.  Drain well; it'll be full of
black gunk.  Don't touch the moving parts with anything.

HTH, Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com, '91 200q