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Pennsylvania Kicks ass

In message <19980110163939671.AAC333.337@corrado> "George Achorn" writes:

> 	Also a cool feature in PA, is the setting of no passing zones prior to
> construction. This is being tried and enforced on a section of I283 in
> Lancaster county. The two lane goes to one in a construction area. Prior to
> that, up the road there is a no passing zone, encouraging people to merge
> miles before the single lane. And in the case of our friends who run up the
> closing lane to the last moment, and getting all pissed off when someone
> doesn't want to let them in (gee I wonder why), they frequently have state
> troopers parked there, happy to pull you over if you have no manners and
> love to butt in line. 

The 'no overtaking' sign is usually the first sign that you're approaching 
roadworks on a German Autobahn.  You can almost feel everyone relax and co-
operate in getting past the thing as smoothly as possible.

In the UK, most people pull over too early.  Hordes of dorks then try and fly 
past and merge at the last moment.  Usually, a truck will pull out into the 
outside lane and pace the traffic on the inside lane, to block the dorks.  

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club