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Midwinter Madness

>> This is a waste of bandwidth.  You have two options....  Quit your
>> about bandwidth if you continue to send shit like this, or Continue to
>> but NEVER send crap like this.  The choice is yours, But I'm telling you
> >everytime you waste my time with something like this I'm gonna shoot it
>> back to you.........

>  I invite listers' opinions - in email if preferred.

It rather speaks for itself, and is probably best ignored, as one suspects
that the writer gets a kick out of upsetting people with belligerent
messages like this.
But this was so needlessly nasty that I *will* say what  I  think:
it was a totally paranoid response to a perfectly reasonable and interesting
post and was breathtakingly arrogant, offensive, and provocative.
Surely we UK Listers are allowed the odd slightly parochial message ?
Let's get back pronto to the mutual respect, common courtesy and good humour
which normally prevails on this List.


Cumbria, UK.