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Totaled S4

Phil, be very careful there.

While it can vary [flood cars, thefts, few others] usually here to total a car takes 
damage equal to or exceeding 70% of the value of the car.

Now, on a 93 S4, Audi is gonna crank someone on an estimate to repair.
Not uncommon to be able to do it for 1/3 of what the Audi B-shop here says
it will cost.  S4 parts are hard to find though.  Chances are, the air bag went
with the front end, condensor, radiator, etc.  You can get an estimate 
from Audi [with their absurd labor rates and paint rates] of probably close
to  70% with the tranny gone.

I love wrecked cars, I think they can be the greatest deal in the world.  I 
have bought quite a few, but there is no wrecked Audi that I would give 
$28,000.00 for.  Just too many better deals out there.  

My advice?  Ask the guy for the pictures of the damage and the fix
sheet.  If it has a salvage title, call your local bank and see what they
would loan on the car, having once been totaled.  I know what I would offer
him, but, he would most likely get pissed:)